How to increase width of a list in SharePoint Designer

  1. Go to the SharePoint list, go to List
  2. Click on Edit list in SharePoint designer

3. Go to the view where you want the column’s width to be increased.

4. Move cursor downwards in the code and stop when the List view tools tab gets enabled.

5. Go to Design and click on Customize XSLT, there click on customize entire view.

6. You can see that now entire codes will be visible.

7. For example I want to increase the width of column “status”. I find status in the code and stop when I see the following set of code:

<xsl:template name=”FieldRef_header.Description” ddwrt:dvt_mode=”header” match=”FieldRef[@Name=’Description’]” mode=”header” ddwrt:ghost=”hide”>

<th nowrap=”nowrap” scope=”col” onmouseover=”OnChildColumn(this)”>

<xsl:attribute name=”class”>

8. Now, I change the code:

<th nowrap=”nowrap” scope=”col” onmouseover=”OnChildColumn(this)”>


<th scope=”col” onmouseover=”OnChildColumn(this)” style =”width: 350px; white-space:normal;min-width:350px”>


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